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    Sex Crimes, especially a child sex crime, is the new focus of the Texas Legislature and prosecutors around the state.  It is easy for prosecutors to generate prejudice against defendants charged with child sex crimes and many sex crime defendants feel like they are battling a lost cause.  Just the fact that a person has ever been charged with a sex crime can create problems with employment and ability to even rent an apartment.  Sex crime defendants have a disadvantage by virtue of what they are charged with.  


    Not all is lost when charged with a child sex crime, however, because starting with a disadvantage means a sex crime defendant needs to mount a vigorous defense to even the odds.  Sex crime cases need to be thoroughly investigated and evaluated by an experienced attorney who is able to craft a believable defense and present it clearly to a jury.  The defense of a child sex crime case varies with the circumstances, the relationship to the child and the age of the child.     


    Logan Dietz is a Board Certified criminal defense lawyer with over 39 years experience.  He has won cases for clients charged with child sex crimes in jury trials and knows how to properly evaluate and defend all child sex crime cases.  Obviously, not every child sex crime case is going to be won at trial, but every defendant deserves to have his case properly evaluated and to be vigorously defended so that the best possible outcome is reached.  Even if a "not guilty" cannot be achieved in a case, the range of punishment in an aggravated sexual assault of a child case is from five years (with the possibility of probation) to a whopping 99 years or life in the penitentiary!  A good defense almost always results in a better outcome.    





 Logan Dietz

Board Certified Criminal Defense lawyer with over 40 years experience.


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