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What to Wear (or NOT wear): While it is not necessary to dress up for the non-trial settings in court, please NEVER wear shorts or a sleeveless shirt!  NEVER chew gum!  Tuck in your shirt and no caps in court.  For a jury trial setting, men should wear either a suit and tie or a sport coat with white shirt open at the collar.  Ladies should wear a pant-suit or dress.

When to Get There: You have a contract with your bondsman to show up in court at or before the time he tells you to.  Do NOT be late.  There are often long lines at the door and elevators and many of the judges will forfeit your bond and issue a warrant for your arrest even if you are only a minute late!

What to Do: Enter the court room and be seated in any of the rows behind the front row.  The front row in front of the gates are reserved for attorneys and court personnel.  Once your name has been called at "Docket Call" you can go into the hall, but remain close by so your attorney (or the court personnel) can find you.  Do not talk to others in the audience.  Go into the hall for conversations.  It may seem like the attorney is taking a long time to get to court, but all courts begin at about the same time and he has to go to them in a particular order.  Please be patient.  Do NOT leave until you have answered docket call and you have your copy of a signed reset form in your hands.


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