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Help! I Have a Case, What Do I Do?


     The first thing most people want to do when they find out there is a warrant for their arrest is post a Bail Bond.

This will withdraw the warrant so there is no arrest. 

     Before the first court setting, it is best to hire an attorney.  If a defendant is truly indigent, an attorney can be "appointed" by the judge to represent the defendant.  There is a wide variety of fees for attorneys and some attornies will give payment terms.  Try to get an attorney with a good reputation and that you feel comfortable with.  Do not get one that is too cheap, you would probably be better off with a court appointed attorney.  See: Board Certified attorneys.

     Attornies will usually set fees based upon the seriousness and complexity of the case.  They can range from a few hundred dollars for a simple Misdemeanor to many thousands for a serious felony.   Here is a list of Punishments. Generally, the more punishment, the more serious a case is and will demand a higher attorney fee.


See: Going to Court 







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