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Bail Bond:  A "Bail Bond" is a sum of money which is posted with the sheriff to secure attendance of a defendant at all court settings for his case.  If the defendant does not appear, the money can be forfeited to the state.  Typically, people hire a "Bail Bondsman" to post the bail, paying about ten percent of the bail to the bondsman for this service.  The entire amount of the bail can be posted in cash at the sheriff's department, in which case it will be returned (in about eight weeks) after the case is completed.  In Harris County, bail bondsmen are licensed by the "Bail Bond Board."  Here is a complete list of all bondsmen licensed in Harris County:                          http://www.hctx.net/CmpDocuments/37/ApprovedBondsmanList/ApprovedBondsmanList.pdf 


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